Mission Interpreters


Every year when someone approaches the Mission Interpreter table at Synod Assembly, I ask if their congregation has a Mission Interpreter.  The answer is almost always, "What's that?"  I tell them that a mission interpreter is storyteller in their congregation who keeps the congregation informed about the good things that are  happening in their congregation, our Synod, and our ELCA.

As Christians we know that we are supposed to love one another. It's often easy to do in our own congregation. Sometimes we can even see how we can help in our synod (like Pedal for a Purpose).  But how do we show love for the people around the world who we probably will never see?  One of the ways is through our Mission Support dollars. This is the money we give to  our congregation, who in turn shares a percentage with the synod, who in turn shares a percentage with the ELCA.  The ELCA then supports new congregations here in the United States, supports missionaries around the world, and provides the support for young adults in global mission - just to name a few areas."    

The purpose of Mission Interpreters is to share the stories of God's mission throughout the world.  If you think your congregation can benefit from having a Mission Interpreter in the congregation, contact Doreen Klages at dlklages@att.net.  I or one of the other Mission Interpreters will be glad to meet with them to talk about everything involved. 

-Doreen Klages, C/SIS Mission Interpreter Coordinator

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