Pedal for a Purpose

Hello Central/Southern Illinois Synod Congregations,

First off, thank you all for your generous support to our Pedal for a Purpose efforts over the last five years. Together, we have biked thousands of miles, brought congregations together, strengthened community, celebrated our shared ministry, and raised over $150,000 for Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, Illinois campus ministries, our companion synods in Madagascar, and assisting pastors new to our synod with their seminary debt. Thank you5 thanks be to God5 and let’s great ready for another year! This year we have selected a very worthwhile ministry to benefit from our efforts. Nestled in the wooded hills of Oregon, Illinois is the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC). In their 43rd year of operation, they offer year-round programming for all ages and a site for retreats, conferences, and many other activities. As you read more about them in this packet, you will undoubtedly come to a greater appreciation of their work and our partnership in ministry. That that is truly what it is – a partnership. Whether you have youth or members that attend LOMC or not, they are doing God’s work in powerful ways that affect God’s church and our ministry together. Talk to members of your congregation and you may discover that many of them have benefitted from camp experiences in the past. Perhaps some help send their grandchildren to camp. You may even find that your pastor is a pastor because of a camp experienced that helped them discern a call to ordained ministry! My experiences as a camp counselor in a Lutheran summer camp gave me the opportunities to lead, serve, and listen to hear God’s call in my life. LOMC and camps across the country are helping to prepare new pastors and church leaders in a time when the church is so greatly in need. This packet is your invitation to join us in this endeavor. Last year’s format was very successful with numerous congregations and clusters of congregations hosting meals, bike rides, special events, speakers, temple talks, and special offerings to raise awareness for LSSI and over $50,000 for their ministry. The pages ahead provide a wealth or resources to help you get started for this year as we set another ambitious goal to raise $25,000 for LOMC. Please share this with others in your congregation and join us in this important work together!

Pastor Adam Dichsen and the PfP Team Faith Lutheran Church, Jacksonville, IL (217) 204-6054

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