Christ Lutheran Church Seeks to Fund Sponsorship of an ELCA Missionary

One of the goals the Service Ministry Team set last year was for Christ Lutheran to sponsor an ELCA Missionary. After exploring the types of sponsorship available, the team is asking the congregation to support a “Friends Covenant” sponsorship with an established ELCA missionary.

This commitment requires CLC to provide a minimum of $1,500 a year for two years, which can be continued if the congregation wishes. With this level of support, the missionary will establish regular communication with the congregation and will make an effort to visit during periodic returns to the US. The missionary selected for their support is the Rev. Kirsten Fryer who serves as Pastor at St. Andrew’s United Congregation, an international congregation located in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. She is also Pastoral Associate for St. Andrew's Refugee Service (StARS) which assists refugees from South Sudan and elsewhere who are temporarily living in Cairo. The Service Ministry Team believes that the work she is doing is important and that extending our support is one way to remind us of the connections we share with the global body of Christ. 

By Katie Rupp, Service Team Liaison

Christ Lutheran Church, Quincy, IL

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