September 9, 2018

Pastor Micah and Andrea Garnett (Trinity, Canton) welcome your prayers as Andrea is hospitalized for severe shingles.  They would like you to know as well that their pregnancy is doing fine.

Pastor Dennis Scoville (retired, interim ministry in the Wartburg Parish) welcomes your prayers as he is hospitalized tomorrow (Monday, September 10) to address health difficulties he has been having.

Pastor Patrick Monroe (Chaplain, Lutheran Hillside Village, Peoria) welcomes your prayers as he is currently being treated in an emergency department following an earlier medical procedure.

O God, giver of life and health: comfort and relieve these your servants and all who are ailing, and let your healing be known through those who tend to their needs, that they may be strengthened in this struggle and have confidence in your loving care; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Bishop John RothComment