Adult Faith Formation

in the Central/Southern Illinois Synod


What is Synodically Authorized Ministry?

Synodically authorized ministry (SAM) is intended to assist the church in providing Word and Sacrament ministry to congregations where ordained pastors are not available. The synod bishop, with the consent of the congregation, may authorize a person who has been prepared through a synodical program to serve in particular congregation for a designated period of time.


Who may serve in Synodically Authorized Ministry?

Those serving in synodically authorized ministry are active members of an ELCA congregation and will have received preparation and training through the synod. Individuals authorized for such ministry within a synod are not rostered by the ELCA but are authorized to provide a ministry only within a particular setting for a designated period of time. These individuals will be supervised by a minister of Word and Sacrament and appointed by the synod bishop.


What is the preparation process for involvement in synodically authorized ministry?

The Central/Southern Illinois Synod offers a multi-year program of preparation and training for those interested in serving in synodically authorized ministry. Generally, three courses per year are offered in person or by ZOOM video conferencing. Courses will cover topics such as Old Testament, New Testament, Lutheran Confessions, preaching, and more. Courses are open to all adults, but extra requirements will need to be fulfilled for those preparing to be involved in synodically authorized ministry.


How do I become involved in synodically authorized ministry?

For more information and application information, contact Pastor Blake Duncan,